1. About the Site

These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between Todor Simeonov Simeonov, on the one hand, and users wishing to receive psychological counseling / therapy from a distance.

These general terms and conditions are binding on all persons who use the site www.todorsimeonov.eu

When using this site, the persons are obliged to comply with these General Terms and Conditions, as well as the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union.

By clicking on the interactive button “I accept the General Terms and Conditions”, the persons who have performed these actions agree and fully accept these General Terms and Conditions, which will be considered known to them.

2. Definitions:

Todor Simeonov Simeonov with correspondence address: e-mail: info@todorsimeonov.eu

Website: – is the website / domain /, owned by Todor Simeonov Simeonov.

User – is a natural or legal person who uses the site and the services provided.

Service – all services – visualized and offered by the site.

Price of the Service – is the price for a consultation with a specialist psychologist.

Personal data – are personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act.

3. Copyright

The site and its content are subject to copyright. Portions of it / individual information may be reproduced only with the express consent of the copyright holders and provided that the persons reproducing them indicate their source of information.

4. Terms of use

The site offers access to information about services and information for advertising purposes.

The user is consulted in advance by phone or other convenient way about the conditions, price and terms of services.

Todor Simeonov Simeonov reserves the right to unilaterally change all conditions for the provision of services and any other information published on the Site without prior notice to the user.

6. Conducting a consultation

By accepting the general conditions, consumers declare the following circumstances:

the user understands that the offered services are psychological consultations, during the performance of which there is no examination by the psychologist and the user and the psychologist do not have direct contact with each other.

The user understands that during the consultations the psychologist does not make a diagnosis based on the information provided by the user.

The user declares that he is aware that there are other alternatives related to the diagnosis of his condition (visit to a general practitioner, visit to a specialist in outpatient care or hospital care).

The user declares that he is informed of the fact that Todor Simeonov Simeonov through this Site provides the requested consultation, but does not offer services that cure the user or provide him with a specific desired result related to the available condition.

The user understands that during the consultation various complications of his condition may occur, which Todor Simeonov Simeonov cannot foresee and for which he should turn to a general practitioner, a specialist in outpatient or inpatient care or emergency care.

The consumer declares that he has reached 18 years of age and has not been placed under guardianship. In case the user has not reached the age of 18, the acceptance of the general conditions is carried out as follows:

Persons aged 14 years. up to 18 years accept the general terms and conditions together with a parent, and by selecting the interactive button “I accept the general terms and conditions” the user and his parents declare that they have jointly accepted the general terms and conditions.

Instead of persons under 14 years of age. the general conditions are accepted by a parent, and by selecting the interactive button “I accept the general conditions” the parent declares that he has accepted the general conditions as a legal representative of the child-patient.

7. Prices and terms of payment

The price for performance is specified according to the service and the duration in a pre-scheduled consultation.

The price of the service can be paid in one of the following ways:

Bank transfer

In the cache

Todor Simeonov Simeonov has the right at any time, but after warning to make changes in prices and other features of the Services.

The services are considered ordered by the user from the moment of the explicit confirmation of the hour and are charged regardless of whether the user shows up or misses this hour. For this purpose, the services are paid in advance.

8. Personal data of users

The site collects data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA): email and two names.

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions in the manner indicated above, the users agree that Todor Simeonov Simeonov and his employees, depending on their obligations, have access to part or all of the information filled in / submitted in the contact form.

Users may object to the use of personal data under the terms and conditions of the LPPD.

The provider has the right to install on the computers or other end devices of users cookies – small text files that are stored by the website through the Internet server on the hard drive of the user’s device and allow to recover information about the latter, identify him and track his actions on the site. Cookies may be installed by the provider and / or third parties for the specified purpose during the user’s visit to the site. Information about the cases in which cookies are installed by Google Inc. for and on the use of the Google Analytics service by the provider, as well as the user’s right to opt out, can be found at google.com/analytics/. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user expressly agrees to the ability to access, collect and store data related to him through the Google Analytics service, and the provider undertakes to treat this data as personal.

9. Other provisions

The provisions of the Bulgarian substantive and procedural law shall apply to all issues not settled in these General Terms and Conditions.

The Provider may change these general terms and conditions at any time by publishing the changes made to the website address in a timely manner. Amendments to the general terms and conditions ALREADY bind users with the execution of the first order following the respective amendment.